I have been lucky enough over the past couple of years to meet Owen Jones, who was born and brought up at Cenrhos Farm on the Graig in Burry Port. Lucky because Owen has given me the names of the fields on Cenrhos, names that otherwise would have been lost for ever.

Owen’s first-hand account follows this but as he and I talk about Cenrhos I learn more and more about the farm and I’m sure he won’t mind me adding two snippets.

His father bred and showed with success Welsh pigs, which are now a breed at risk.

Cenrhos was an excellent farm for growing vegetables, being in a warm spot with fertile soil. Many years ago Owen had a vegetable round in Burry Port, oh that we had that locally grown veg now!

Thank you Owen, for helping to preserve some of Burry Port’s heritage.



“Hello. Just a brief history of the Jones family at Cenrhos Farm.

My parents took on the tenancy from Colby Estate and moved to Cenrhos in 1951, with my sister Eleanor, from a small farm in Llanarthney. At the time the farm was about 70 acres being a dairy and sheep farm and growing potatoes and other vegetables.  My sister Gloria was born in 1953 and myself in 1957.

 In about 1963/64 Penybac Farm became available and made us into one farm taking Cenrhos to 100 acres.

After my mother passed away in 1994 my father finally retired.

The farm has since been sold off to many with Clyn-du now owning the best land and the farmhouse itself being sold with a few acres.”

Owen Jones Autumn 2020

Cenrhos Farm  Graig  Burry Port – field names.

  1. Cae Blaen Tŷ – Front of House Field
  2. Cae Tri Rhanni – Three Share Field – at one time this field was shared between Cenrhos, Penybanc and Clyndu.
  3. Cae Shed – Shed Field
  4. Cae Mawr – Big Field
  5. Cae Eithin – Gorse Field
  6. Cae Cefn – Rear Field
  7. Cae Draw – Across Field
  8. Cae Brwdwch – Brush/Broughton Field
  9. Cae Cwm Uchaf – Upper Cwm Field
  10. Cae Newydd – New Field
  11. Cae Môr Allt Uchaf – Upper Sea Hill Field –  these fields would suffer salt damage from southerly storms.
  12. Cae Bach Pen y Bac – Small Field at the Head of Bac
  13. Cae Môr Allt Isaf – Lower Sea Hill Field
  14. Cae Bedry – Bedry Field
  15. Cae Canol – Middle field
  16. Cae Maen – (known as) Narrow Field
  17. Cae Cwm Isaf – Lower Cwm Field
  18. Cae Rhyd y Glo – Coalford Field
  19. Cae Dan Lookout – Field under the Lookout
  20. Graig (in two places)

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