Pembrey and Burry Port Industrial and Maritime Heritage

This project was undertaken by a community volunteer group with HLF funding to help make the industrial and maritime heritage of the area more visible and show its importance to, not only the development of the town but for its future also.

Nine heritage boards have been placed around the area that each focus on different aspects of this past, which can be located using the trail leaflet. There are QR codes on each board that will link you to the relevant web-page where you can access a miniature version of the board to view on your device as you walk around the trails, or you can browse the information at your leisure when you get home.

Please take care when following the trails. Although most of the routes have paved sections and are accessible, there are areas that are not.

A primary school resource has been produced and distributed to the three Burry Port primary schools. In the booklet are questions to discuss and information to read.

The project has also made available pull-ups of the interpretation boards to each of the schools. One set is available for use in the community. Please contact us through the website if you wish to borrow these.